BUTTE, MT - Whether you live here, just visiting, or planning to do either, it is no secret that Montana is a vast, open, beautiful frontier full of land traversed by no one—other than our Native ancestors thousands of years prior.

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That's part of the appeal of why Montana is one of the hottest states to move to right now: getting out of the city, leaving all the unnecessary belongings behind, and buying a chunk of land—preferably, for many, off the grid—to live in the last best place. Although, ironically, many of the reasons people move away from their home states (such as to avoid crowded cities) in turn come with them when they move here (looking at you, Bozeman), there are still plenty of regions within the state that are hardly touched by the hands of civilization.

It is safe to assume that all of that is great news for doomsday enthusiasts, as there are many places in Montana one could hide out to, say, avoid perishing in a global extinction event, or to, perhaps, avoid their in-laws (who can be just as bad as the apocalypse). Whatever your reason, I have you covered.

Here are the best places in Montana to survive the apocalypse.

The Best Places in Montana to Survive the Apocalypse

Killer aliens. Brain-eating zombies. Planet-destructing solar storms. And those are all before Earth or, heck, even its own humans (us) decide to self-destruct. Whatever the apocalypse chooses to usher in its extinction plans, have no fear: Montana's serene and sparse landscapes have you covered.

Gallery Credit: Devon Brosnan

In case you were wondering, here's the criteria I came up with to best judge which places would be be considered "good" places to survive:


  • Remoteness: Reduce potential of human threats and other conflicts.
  • Natural Resources: Have access to water, food sources, and materials for shelter and fire.
  • Defensibility: Easily-traversable terrain that offers protection and vantage points against intruders.
  • Sustainability: Ability to have self-sustaining properties for little reliance on external forces.

There you have it. Now you're ready to take on whatever the universe has in store for you. You can thank me later... if you have the chance.

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