BUTTE, MT - It's that time again: Montana is ranking in the top 5 for something, and this time it's something I would have never expected.

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Montana is known for many things—many things we living here are very proud of. Whether it revolves around our values, our freedom, our way of living, or whether it's our favorite fishing spots, our hidden hot springs, our secret hiking trails, or even just the mountains that surround us every day, we are proud to be living here in the Treasure State.

However, due to a recent study by researchers at skincare brand Clarins, us Montanans have another thing to be proud of. In a recent study published by the brand, it was found that Montana (more specifically, the state's capital, Helena) was ranked in the top 5 for "best quality water for skin health" in the nation.

What does this mean exactly? Well, Clarins' study, which analyzed data from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), United States Geological Survey (USGS), and Hydroflow, a water treatments enterprise, ranked state capitals based on their water quality's impact on skin and hair. The research delved into various water contaminants and hardness, including arsenic, chlorate, nitrate, fluoride, lead, turbidity, and overall water hardness. These factors were then averaged into an agglomerated index score. A lower score meant better water quality—and, with it, healthier hair and skin.

It means that Helena's water quality scored particularly well for minimal arsenic, nitrate, and chlorate levels. This sparkling water helps keep residents' pores unclogged, their skin smooth, and their hair strong. Because of the high quality of Montana water, Helena was ranked 2nd in the U.S., with Providence, Rhode Island taking the top spot (by only .4 points). West Virginia, New York, and Hawaii ranked 3rd, 4th, and 5th, respectively.

Clarins has some handy tips to keep your skin and hair in tip-top shape:

  1. Rehydrate and Rebalance: Incorporate a toner into your skincare routine to eliminate any remaining traces of cleanser and provide a fresher, smoother, and more hydrated skin feel.
  2. Moisturize Religiously: Hard water depletes moisture, leading to dry, flaky skin. Ensure you moisturize after cleansing to seal in hydration.
  3. Be Gentle: Avoid rubbing your face and body dry. Instead, gently blot your skin and avoid overly hot water to prevent further dryness and irritation.

So let us all raise a glass of water and be proud, once again, that we live in the best state in the U.S.

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