There are plenty of ways to make some extra cash on the side, including online (no, we're not talking about those sites). And, given the state of the economy over the last couple of years, maybe it's not such a bad idea to be looking for a new gig here and there, especially today when some economic factors are particularly troublesome.

A lot of folks are looking for either a second or third job OR a get-rich-quick scheme that will land them some extra cash. And to meet that demand, there are a lot of influencers on social media who are offering ways for folks to make that extra money.

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But there's one post circulating online that certainly caught our attention. In it, the influencer known as MakingMoneyWithEmily says you can get paid up to $180,000 per year. All you have to do is send a company your bowel movements.

Wait. What?

The claim comes directly from the site, which is dedicated to "Providing stool donors for FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplants) and research," according to its site.

Apparently, you can send in your poop and get paid for it in the name of science.

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If you go to the Donor section of their site, they list the steps you have to take in order to become a donor and get paid.

1. Complete the screening questionnaire.
2. Complete verification of stool type and physical fitness.
3. A video interview.
4. Stool and blood testing. Paid for by us or the recipient.
5. Get paid $500 per stool. If you’re having a bowel movement every day it can total $180,000 per year.

Why do it? According to the site, "Chronic disease and general poor health have been drastically increasing over the past decades to the point where the vast majority of the population is now extremely unhealthy."

"It goes well beyond a single generation being a little overweight due to eating too much," it explains. "It is an exponentially worsening crisis with each generation, in large part due to the loss of our host-native microbes that get passed down generationally."

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And yes, your donation will remain completely anonymous.

HumanMicrobes says that all donors are prepaid for everything. "We receive the order and payment from the recipient, then pass it on to the donor, the donor then prepares it and ships it out," it explains, also noting that the shipment usually includes dry ice.

Should You Sell Your Poop?

We're not financial experts so we can't be entirely sure that this is the best way to make money. Plus, it's not for just anyone. You do have to go through a screening process and see if you qualify to be a donor.

That means you can apply and send in a sample, but you're not guaranteed to be a fit with them.

Human Microbes was established in 2020, and they say their focus is "on finding the quality of stool donor we think will be highly effective as a treatment for most people/conditions." As a company, it does have largely favorable reviews online, and it seems to be legit.

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There's a whole lot of science that goes into microbes and health, so do your research and, if it's of interest to you, maybe you should give it a try.

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