Luke Combs has proven over and over again that he can make fans emotional with his songs about fatherhood, but his newest track is a different kind of "dad song."

The singer, who often previews unreleased music on his social media, shared a clip of a new song called "Remember Him That Way" on Sunday (March 17). With just an acoustic guitar and his rich, robust baritone, Combs paints a picture of an aging father who's still a hero in his adult son's eyes.

"Grey in his hair, at least what's left / But the heart of a lion beatin' in his chest / There's a little more slow in his go / A little less rock in his roll / These days," Combs sings in the first verse of his track, before launching into a chorus that remembers the way the old man used to be in his prime.

"I remember him 10 foot tall and bulletproof / Throwin' me a ball in cowboy boots / A whistle and the dogs start runnin' / A whisper and mama starts blushin'," he continues as he launches into the chorus.

"A wrench in his hand and a beer in the other / God couldn't make a man any tougher / That 'S' on his chest is startin' to fade / But I'll always remember him that way," Combs concludes.

In the caption, Combs asked fans to chime in and tell him if they like his new material.

"Still sounding good?" he asks.

Overwhelmingly, fans responded in the affirmative: Many admitted that the song made them tear up or think about their own fathers, and even the singer's wife Nicole chimed in with a compliment.

"Oh so we're starting off St. Patrick's Day in our feels," she says in the comments section.

Most recently, Combs dropped "The Man He Sees in Me," which tells the story of "Remember Him That Way" from the other perspective — as a dad to a young son. In real life, Combs is a father to two small boys: Almost-two-year-old Tex and seven-month-old Beau.

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In addition to his own material, Combs had massive country success over the past couple of years with his hit cover of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car," which he and Chapman performed together at the Grammy Awards earlier in 2024.

Next up, he's got another out-of-genre duet coming: Rapper Post Malone recently a snippet of an unreleased duet between the two of them, which will presumably be on Post's forthcoming country project.

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