Ladies, no stressing for Father's Day. Your man might be easier to shop for than you think if he's anything like country star Dylan Scott.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country Mornings with Wood and Nicole, the "My Girl" singer revealed his spicy Father's Day request to his wife.

Wood, cohost of Taste of Country Mornings with Wood and Nicole, asked the country crooner if he had anything on his mind for a Father’s Day gift. 

Scott said, "I don’t get into all that. My wife (asked when) we were riding down the road the other day. She was like, 'What do you want for Father’s Day?' I said, 'Babe, listen to me. I don’t need anything for Father’s Day. Nothing at all. I don’t know man, I mean if my kids get me something, great. I love it, but just being with 'em that’s all I need."

Wood joked, "Look dude, can I be honest for a second? You’re setting a bad precedent for us other dudes. You’re writing fantastic songs for your wife, which I can’t do, and turning down gifts, which I sure as hell ain't gonna do. Be real, for us regular guys out here."

The 33-year-old father of three laughed and revealed what he really told her.

"You know what I really told her?" Scott playfully revealed. "And this is TMI right here. I said, 'Babe if you want to get me something for Father’s Day, you just go get you some kind of nice lingerie or something, and I'm perfectly fine.' You know? That's all I need in life."

Wood joked, "And that’s how you set yourself up for a couple more Father’s days down the road."

Check out the funny exchange below.

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