A national retailer specializing in women's and men's casual apparel has filed for bankruptcy and will close all its locations nationwide, including its single Montana location.

Popular Retailer Closing Last Location in Montana

A popular clothing retailer has filed for bankruptcy for the third time and will close all of its stores across the country, according to USA Today. In total, Rue21 will close over 500 store nationwide, including a location inside of the Rimrock Mall in Billings. The company previously filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and 2017.

Store Closing

Several brick-and-mortar stores have closed in recent years as consumers have favored the convenience of shopping online. The pandemic certainly didn't help things either.

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When Will The Rue21 Location in Billings Close?

The only Rue21 location in Montana is in Billings. We reached out to the store and spoke with an employee regarding the closure. We learned that store employees were notified about the closures last week. She confirmed that the store is slated to close in 4-6 weeks depending on available inventory.

CNN reports that the store closures were a result of underperforming retail locations and an uptick in online shopping. We attempted to visit the Rue21 website for more information, but the website no longer works.


Rue21 isn't the only national retailer facing financial struggles. Bed Bath and Beyond and JCPenney are two of the biggest retailers that have closed all stores in recent years.

Sadly, the days are numbered for Rue21. For more information about the store closures, click here.

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