Pictures of 'small town Montana' can be so simple and beautiful, it's no wonder they're the art of choice for nearly every hotel in the region. Bales of hay? Small town fishing bridge? Yes, those are the pictures that makes us smile.

We put together a simple collection of photographs and images from across the state of Montana. There were no rules, except to capture the vibe of whatever a 'small town' is these days.

Life in small town Montana seems to be the most popular lifestyle on the planet right now. Is there a good reason for that? Absolutely. Small towns are popular because of their slower pace, and a better sense of community.

Miles City Chamber
Miles City Chamber

According to RRM Design Group: "Small towns are more mentally and emotionally connected to rural environments. However, the Census Bureau defines “urban” as a population cluster of 1,000 people or more. The EPA, in federal assistance legislation, has defined a “small town” as a city or town with a population of 2,500 or less.

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Travel & Leisure magazine writes about Montana all the time. They rave about the high-end spas to be found at exclusive mountain resorts, but they also seem to respect the charm and hospitality of Montana's small towns. (They had nothing to do with the pictures we chose, BTW.)

We made an effort to dig a little deeper than everyone's favorite small towns in Montana. Drive a little farther, turn another corner. Red Lodge, Ennis, and others will always be popular for a reason. But when was the last time you were in Glendive?

The Best "Small Town Montana" in Photos

Gallery Credit: mwolfe

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