If you've ever attended a high school speech and debate meet or been a participant, you know firsthand just how intense and involved the process can be. Speech and debate students work hard to master their craft, and the support they receive from peers, teachers, family, and the community, can undoubtedly make or break their performance at the podium. So, if you haven't already, consider adding yourself to the list of motivators influencing young debaters as volunteer speech and debate judges. For the upcoming Richest Hill on Earth AA Speech and Debate Tournament, students and coaches are seeking volunteer judges to help with their event this Friday, January 13th beginning at 4 pm and continuing throughout the day on Saturday, January 14th.

This year's Richest Hill on Earth AA Speech and Debate Tournament is hosted by the Butte High Talking Bulldogs under the direction of Head Coach Roger McCullough. Thirteen events will occur over the two-day period at Butte High School (401 S. Wyoming), with a judge's clinic at the school tomorrow night (Wednesday, January 11th) at 6:30 pm. Main thing?...make sure a timeline for judging is convenient for you. For example, maybe you can only judge 2 hours of an event, or perhaps you can stay the whole day. Whatever the case, remember it's totally up to you, as long as organizers have a written outline of your expected commitment.

More details about the upcoming Richest Hill on Earth Speech and Debate Tournament are available by calling (406) 533-2173 or (406) 533-2173. You can also email dogs4n6@gmail.com. You can even register right here -> BUTTE DEBATE! The sign-up form allows interested judges to choose what speech and debate categories they prefer to oversee, whether it be humorous interpretation, informative speaking, legislative debates, and more. The support of all volunteer judges is greatly appreciated. Who knows, maybe someday many of those you judged at a speech and debate tournament will one day be influential speakers or even someone who frequents the Oval Office for their Address to the Nation. The sky's the limit!

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