Since its humble, yet trail blazing beginnings in 1937, people throughout North America have been instrumental in recognizing the importance of Ducks Unlimited. In Montana alone, several events are held annually to raise awareness of waterfowl habitat. Most recently, Helena hosted their Ducks Unlimited Banquet, and now organizers in Anaconda are set to do the same on April 1st at the Anaconda Elks Lodge (223 Main) beginning at 5 p.m.

The Annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet is a substantial fundraiser that works to ensure that waterfowl will have places to migrate, nest, and raise their young. With the support of members and the general public, Ducks Unlimited is able to help with the conservation of wetlands and upland habitat that is crucial to waterfowl and other wildlife species in North America. If you'd like to participate in the upcoming banquet in Anaconda or learn more about becoming a local chapter member, visit Montana's Ducks Unlimited -> HERE.  At this year's event, expect top-notch food, a variety of auction items and select raffles. More information about the banquet on April can also be obtained by contacting Ben at (406) 560-4299. For tickets to the event click here -> DU TICKETS. Fortunately, it's not too late to help the environment with the support of organizations such as Ducks Unlimited.

**As illustrated on the website above, Montana law requires that raffles and games of chance be paid for ONLY with cash, debit cards or checks. Auction items and dinner may be paid for with any form of payment, including major credit cards.   

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