Today's Townsquare Media, Butte Cares, Harrington Pepsi, Bob Ward, and Sons Helping Hands Clothing Drive at the MAC was a great experience for everyone involved. Volunteers, sponsors, and participants came together for a great cause; along the way, many met and connected with new faces. For numerous years, the Clothing Drive in Butte has helped provide gently worn clothes, hats, gloves, blankets, shoes, and more to those in need within the community. It has also offered a sense of worth and accomplishment to the many volunteers who donate their time to the Clothing Drive each year.

During my visit to the Clothing Drive today to show support, fold clothes, and move tables for lunch donated by CCCS, I had the opportunity to speak with Pat Prendergast, former BC Coach and President of Butte Cares. He said the event started decades ago in smaller venues and, about ten years ago, made its way to the Maroon Activity Center in Butte. It was apparent how proud Prendergast was of the project, and rightfully so. You could tell by the energy in the room that participants felt one with the community at the Clothing Drive. Sure, they were there to choose items for the long winter months ahead for themselves and their family members, but you could tell that many felt a sense of pride and belonging to an event that cares and gives so much back.

Many made their entrance through the door of the MAC today to show support, whether by way of volunteering under a scholarship program, as was the case of a local high school student by the name of Jason, or by way of familiarity, as was the case for former CCM  General Manager Chris Ackerman who orchestrated many Clothing Drives in his day with the help of volunteers and sponsors. Now with insight from Market President Dan Charon, Content Director Paul Panisko, myself, and other reps from Townsquare Media, not to mention countless charitable foundations, events such as the Clothing Drive will continue to pave the way to what is right with the world and what is important for the community.