Mini-golf is an activity you can enjoy with family or friends, but I love it as a date night. It's easy-going and fun. So, where are Montana's courses? 

Montana has many things in abundance, but mini-golf courses aren't one of them. There are only a handful of these statewide, and they are fairly spread out. 

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Oddly enough, there is one town that has not only one, but three mini-golf courses you can check out. We are talking about Columbia Falls, Montana. That's right, Columbia Falls has three mini-golf courses for your leisure. 

The first course we recommend is the Amazing Fun Center. This business is on the outskirts of Columbia Falls towards West Glacier and is an absolute blast for a family outing. Speaking from experience, their mini-golf course is incredibly fun. It's an 18-hole course, plus, when you're done, the Amazing Fun Center has go-karts and a maze to check out. 

Photo by Kayla Farmer via Unsplash
Photo by Kayla Farmer via Unsplash

The second course is Golfing To The Sun Mini Golf. If you love Glacier National Park and mini-golf, this is the perfect place. This course has a Glacier National Park theme, with cool memorabilia and some history about the park. Also, if you get a hole-in-one on the bonus hole, you get a free Huckleberry sundae. Sign us up!

The third course is at Big Sky Waterparks. Big Sky Waterparks is one of few waterparks in Montana and has mini-golf as a secondary attraction. I've been to this mini-golf course, and it's a nice break from riding water slides. 

If you want to get away from Bozeman and have some fun, you should head up to Columbia Falls and putt your way to some laughs and smiles. 

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