BUTTE, MT - Have you ever been to Butte America and thought about going for a hike? Well, if you ever find yourself in that situation, you should avoid it. Hiking is the worst in Butte, and you'll be much better off by not doing it. Seriously, DON'T.

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Okay, now hold up. Before you send me a letter covered in toxic materials, I have to tell you something. I utilized clickbait tactics (yes, for the first time ever!) to dissuade the hordes of hungry hikers from outside places to come here and turn our beautiful hiking areas into demolished, busy hubs for the "outdoorsy" and "adventurous"—which really means people looking for the next trend. In all actuality, Butte really has some of the best hiking I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. But I can't put that in the title, can I?

Here's an alternative title that's much more accurate: Butte Has Possibly the Best Hiking in Montana.

Gorgeous hiking out on the Big Butte Loop. Credit: Devon Brosnan
Gorgeous hiking out on the Big Butte Loop. Credit: Devon Brosnan

There's a few things in particular that I really appreciate about Butte's in-town hiking areas. First, there are trails that literally cut through town and, with them, feature historical stops along the way. You're telling me I get to learn while I'm out appreciating the big outdoors and getting some exercising in? Nothing better. Second, I love the views these trails offer. Butte is notoriously hilly, making it a challenge for some but the payoff that much more rewarding. Finally, I love (and am slightly concerned about) how empty the trails are. On almost every hike I've been on, there's only one other group or person I run into. Usually a dog is involved, so hey, free pats!

A view over in Butte's open recreation area. Credit: Devon Brosnan
A view over in Butte's open space recreation area. Credit: Devon Brosnan

Usually, trails in Montana are strenuous, difficult, or just plain hard. However, Butte's trails offer different difficulty options for everyone, and usually in the same space like in the Open Space Recreation Area near the "M." Hike for 10 minutes, or spend 4 hours going through a few treks. Your choice. Maybe bring a mountain bike or, heck, a motorbike with you, and shred it.

All in all, Butte's hiking is, to me, world class, and I had to show some love and appreciation. Plus, maybe—since you made it this far—spark some inspiration to get out there and enjoy it.

Credit: Devon Brosnan
I can feel the sun through the photo. Credit: Devon Brosnan

What are your favorite trails in Butte America?

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