BUTTE, MT - If you're like me, sometimes you just want to feel a little classy.

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Depending on my mood, that will usually involve donning a spiffy outfit—such as a suit—that is way too "out there" for Butte, grabbing my girlfriend, and heading over to the Party Palace for some whiskey shots. Because I'm just a lowly radio DJ and writer (which means I'm poor), I'll usually end up calling the night right then and there. Especially since four Jamo shots will do anyone in if you take them back to back within 5 minutes.

But this past week, my girlfriend and I decided to switch it up and do something absolutely bonkers: go out to dinner, for once. We threw on our cleanest pair of jeans, our classiest hoodie, and, of course, our flattest-billed hat, and hit the town. We wanted to try something new, though, as we'd pretty much hit half of the restaurants in town already.

That's when we stumbled upon a fancy-looking Italian joint called La Casa Toscana, a beautiful Italian restaurant in Uptown Butte. Immediately, we were excited.

But why? Well, you know that feeling you get when you're walking around a town not yet fully explored by your prying eyes and intoxicating spirit, and you pass by a restaurant or bar that just naturally draws you in? That's what this was like, and it exhibited all the green flags of a good establishment: it was busy, it had a full bar, and the atmosphere was unique. And that's all before looking at the menu.

And look at the menu we did, as the very kind and respectable waitress dropped them off (along with our delicious adult beverages). More like peeled through it, as we were starved for some awesome Italian food. The menu was expansive and accommodating, but not too much so that we were nervous about there being too many options. The food, however, was even better.

Seriously, the food was some of the best I've had in Butte so far, to the point where I finished my large portion and left the place with a throbbing but satisfied stomach. That was before we sat for a minute, appreciating the cute and classy atmosphere that surrounded us. But not too classy where we weren't uncomfortable in our hoodies and jeans.

Is it really the "best" Italian food in Butte, though? Given that it's the only Italian restaurant in Butte (that I know of, at least), I'd have to say yes, yes it is. But even if it wasn't, it'd be hard to top it.

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