BUTTE, MT - We hate having to report these, especially as there seems to be more and more of them these days.

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If you've driven down Dewey recently, you may have noticed that a new sign has gone up in front of a useful, beloved, and what we thought was booming business. It was first posted by a Facebook user, and has since gained a lot of traction. We are sad to say that another Butte business is closing its doors soon.

Bob Ward announces its closure on July 10th, 2024. Credit: Krista Callaghan/Facebook
Bob Ward announces its closure on July 10th, 2024. Credit: Krista Callaghan/Facebook

That's right, one of the best and only outdoor sporting goods stores, Bob Wards and Sons, is officially closing down for good. This comes after a very busy and fruitful holiday weekend, where thousands flocked to the store for Independence Day goods. One of us from the station was there the day before and said, upon hearing about their closure, "What? The store was busy and the line was out the door!"

So, what gives? What's happening? Details are still a little sketchy, as Bob Ward has yet to comment or release any information on the closure. However, an employee of the store has commented on the original Facebook post and clarified some of the rumors and information being spread about the closure.

Here's what the Bob Ward employee said:

  1. They are NOT closing down because of a competitor opening up in town
  2. The building will cease to be an outdoor sporting goods store, though it is unknown what business will take its place
  3. There will be a liquidation sale going on until September 9th, which may mean that the store could close officially on that date

Interestingly enough, another article was posted on July 2nd, 2024 by NBC Connecticut, where it was reported that many—if not all—of the Bob Ward stores will be closing. However, when they list other store closures, their list did not include Butte.

So, what's going on? It appears that the company itself is facing issues, not just with this specific market.

We will give you updates as they come through.

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